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Can anyone explain how to enlarge pics when Javascript appears. I was on a site which indicated to click to enlarge when i move the cursor to the pic Javascript appears in the bottom left hand corner and nothing happens.

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It all depends on how much they hide the script. If you right-click on the page and select view source, you can then search for something such as .jpg and see what you get. It may have the full path in there, but probably not. Another thing to try is double-clicking on the error in the bottom of your browser and looking for the full-path in there.


However, if this doesn't work then you may still be able to deduce the correct path if it follows sensible rules, like the new Fur Den Image Gallery does. (please note, I'm doing all this is Firefox: other browsers may differ)


You've already clicked on the thumbnail, and it has shown you the picture. If the picture is already full size, when you hover the mouse over it nothing will happen. If it can be enlarged, a hand will show, which would usually open it up in a window via javascript. Right-click on the image and select 'Copy image location'. This will give you something like:




Now remove the word "normal_", and you'll get the full size image.



Did that help? Anywhere close? If not, let me know which site you're having problems with and I'll have a look.

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Bob23, Thanks for the info. I got it to work and the "enlargement" was only a little bigger than the original!

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A lot of times you can also "Save Page As..." from the "File" menu.


Create a folder on your desktop (or anywhere else you can remember) then "Save As...", into that folder. When the operation is done, go through the folder and sort out the file(s) you want to keep and the ones you want to dump. (i.e.: Pull out the JPEGS.) Then delete everything else that you don't want.


Sometimes, if you use Expolder, you'll have to select the option to "Save Page Complete..." instead.


If you're using FireFox there are extensions you can use to snag files right out of the page without needing to view the source or save the whole page.


>> www.addons.mozilla.org <<

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