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access to gallery :-)


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How Can I get an Access to the Gallery ! It's ask to me a user and a password ! Yes I know my question is stupid !


Thank you !

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Enter password!!


If your OS has an automatic password storage feature ithelps a lot. You don't have to remember it every time.



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You may have just joined the site. If so, as noted in the above threads, for security purposes you may have to wait a little while.


Oh, how rude of me - WELCOME!!!!



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Indeed Four, as Fur Lover mentioned, if you just joined you will need to wait awhile. About three weeks I guess. Member access is joined to this place and for security purposes it is updated once per month.


In the mean time, welcome to the site, and have fun in the forums. There are now close to 2000 photos in there. By the time you get here there may be close to three thousand!




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