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gallery request from posters

Guest touchofsable

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Could I ask people posting pics to state who the model is if they know please.

It is a great thing then to be able to google an actress or model...as usually you find more then.


And also the type of fur etc would be nice if you know, especially when it unusual.

Also if you could put key words in for searches that could be of help like "blue fox" so you can do a search and all the blue foxes come up!


Thankyou, and thanks to everyone ...there are some fantastic pictures I have never seen before posted by nearly everyone.


Piotr...I especially want to know who the model with the dark bob and silver fox, and the two foxy models are please posted just now!!! Nice titles but a bit of info would be appreciated.

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Folks also, so far I have not seen any "Vintage" pictures. However, if you would simply use that name, then searches will turn those all up for people to see.



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