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Please tell me how this works!!


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Everytime you take the "test" the symbols switch places with eachother, but follow a certain pattern where the final numbers share symbol.


You can only choose between three start-numbers. If you write them down, and "remember" all three final numbers, you will see they have the same symbol.


To keep it simple: It doesn't matter which number you pick to remember. Any given number will have the same symbol as the other two. But the script changes the symbol order around and gives the illusion of sorcery


Author is playing tricks on your mind.

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Just to quibble slightly, but;


Which ever number you pick the resulant number you look at will be either; 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, or 81. And as said before the symbol for these numbers are always all the same.


Quite clever but quite simple to work out.

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Earendil, what ever number you select it will result in a multiple of nine.


Pick 11 1+1=2 deduct from 11 =9


Pick 56 5+6=11 deduct from 56=45


Pick 73 7+3=10 deduct from 73=63


and i chose those numbers at random

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One of my other hobbies besides Bears is Magic:


This trick is a mathematical version of the old "Magician's Choice" force.


Imagine this:


I show you three playing cards. An ACE a TEN and a KING.

Hidden in my pocket is another card, identical to the KING.


I put them on the table and tell you, simply, "Point to one card."


If you point to the king, the trick is done. I pull the duplicate king out of my pocket and you are amazed with my powers of prediction!


If you pointed to any other card I would say, "Okay! We've eliminated THAT card!" and then I would ask you to point to another. If you pointed to the king, I reveal the punch line.


If you chose a card besides the king, I push that card aside and slide the remaining card (the KING) to the center of the table and say something like "We've eliminated all the other cards but this one!" Then I dramatically reveal the king in my pocket.


No matter what you THINK you have chosen, you are always FORCED to pick the card I chose... The Magician's Choice!


Just as Earendil and allfurme pointed out, no matter what number you start with, you will be forced to a number that's a multiple of 9.


Even though you THINK you chose freely you were FORCED to a number that is beside the symbol that the magician WANTS you to pick.


These tricks are fun. My father taught me a lot of little "bar tricks" when I was a kid. He used to use me to hustle people at the bar. We never got caught!


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Not that it is really the same but i have seen on TV where the man goes into the bar flashing a twenty dollar bill to buy drinks and then surepticiously slips the barman a one dollar bill.


Why do all denominations of American dollar bills look the same?

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If the guy did it right he could have handed the bartender a piece of toilet paper!


The "Bobo Switch" is one of the oldest tricks in the book.


There's also a trick called "Corner Clipping". The crook takes a $20 bill and cuts the four corners off it then glues them in place over the corners of a $1. The original $20 is still good as long as you have 51% of it or more intact. You can take it to the bank and trade it in for a new one.


Bury a few "Corner Clips" in a pile of $20's and you can easily come out $95 ahead of the game... unless you get caught.


I don't know why US currency is all the same. It's not so bad as it used to be.


>>> U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing <<<


But, still, I guess most Americans just expect people to be able to read the bills.


A $20 bill with George Washington's picture on it would certianly look fishy to me!

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Probably already been done Worker, but if you wrote a little book of "Bar Tricks" I'd buy one - could be a good little seller.


I love magic. Even when you know how it's done, it's the creativity of the presentation that is so entertaining.


I dont trust my own sleight of hand to be fool proof, so have to play around with "cant fail" tricks

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Ravens8, you don't have to be an expert sleight-of-hand artist to be a good magician. You just have to be a good liar.


You need to be able to stand there, look your audience directly in the eyes and say, "This top hat is totally empty.", with a totally innocent look on your face, even though everybody in the world already knows that there is a rabbit hidden inside. It is the magician's ability to stand there and look innocent, all the while lying through his teeth.


If you can do that, you can be a good magician. But, alas, most people aren't good liars. Their facial expressions or their unconscious gestures always give them away.


Just get it through your head: Performing magic tricks is one of the few times in polite society where it is acceptable to lie.


Learn that and I can teach you how to do some amazing tricks with little or no skill in sleight-of-hand at all. In fact, I am not an extrodinarily good sleight-of-hand artist myself.


But I can be a good liar when I need to.

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Guess my problem is that people are able to read me too easily. I get such fun out of trying to fool people that I ALWAYS give the game away through my eyes/ smile/whatever. Make a lousy poker player. But upshot is I make friends easily as people get what they see.


Think I'll really work at this Lying thing though. it sounds fun

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Start by telling great, big whopping lies. Tell lies about things that nobody could ever believe. Tell people you were abducted by aliens. Make people BELIEVE you.


Then work your way down to a few not-so-crazy lies like, "I ate elephant steak, once."


People will think you're crazy. They'll try to make you admit you're lying. Tell them, "I didn't like it. The meat was too tough... Maybe it was overcooked."


Once you get that schtick down pat, people won't know WHAT to believe anymore. They won't be able to tell when you're lying or telling the truth.


THAT'S when you can hold up the top hat and say, "See! The hat is empty!" When you DO pull the rabbit out of it, they will be amazed!


As they say: It's not WHAT you say but HOW you say it.

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Guess that means that all politicians ARE magicians...... as they can always pull a rabbit outta the hat when needed.

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You're absolutely right Mr. B


Tax us to the hilt, then say "Oh look, the hat is empty, we need more to put in it. That's it, put the money in. Now, you think I'm going to pull out a new hspital, dont you, but instead, I'm going to pull out........................a rabbit"



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