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bye Earendil and good luck with thou quest. The saga

Guest touchofsable

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It is with part sadness and part joy, that I gather ye here for some news.


For it is foretold that Earendil, son of Guor and Idril , shall be sent on a quest.

A quest that we shall lead us all one day to tell our children the saga of Earendil of the Nogg Norge.


That quest has now been given to him. As many of you know, earendil popped his head forward from middle earth and has been biding his time in a town in Norway . His time has come. Behold earendil, hero; in the tradition Of Thor the hammer.


He has been dispatched to seeketh the one.


The one.


He must cross fjords and glaciers, and deep dark forests. He must cross ice and great chasms, and through more dense forest into a land where sometimes the sun shines for many months without darkness. Where bears will watch him and wolves will keep him laying awake at night should the midnight sun not.


When he is merely half way to his quest, he shall come across a marker. It will be a vision of three; marked by sword and flight. These shall nake him realise that he can then take flight or soldier on, as his mighty forefathers did when they unified his nation in AD 872



he must be brave of heart. Time shall be against him as soon this land will be plunged into a cold darkness that will make his spirit weak. But in this time he shall have his mighty starglass to seek the grail.


And he must not be deflected, nay, in this quest . We shall miss him, but one day he shall return. He shall be many months gone if he takes up this quest. And hopefully he sall return with a great bounty of furs. Lordi!


And what is this vision, that I have spoken of? What grail shall he seeketh?


What nordic Noggin the Nog of a quest have I sent him on?

He is the only one of us that lives within the short sail of drakkar or the yelping song of a husky ride away from it. He is youthful and strong, and can fulfil the destiny that is his.


To find the one. The one that shall be his. The one that shall bring us together from vast distances to celebrate his return.


This is his quest:




Well, can you believe he is sat doing all this computer stuff when she is a mere fjord away from him? Sigh...aint she a vision?


Well, if not her one like her. A Sami girl.


We all need an excuse to go to that ice hotel over there SO come on earendil!!!!!

Seek and thee shall find and give us all an excuse to come over and get wrapped up in furs and sleep on ice:



And pleeeeeease dont tell me that towns in Norway are just like Milton keynes or Calais or it will break my heart!

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Are you saying Earndil has to report for his manditory hitch in the army?


Well, good luck! Take care of yourself!


I knew a guy from Belgium who went for his hitch. When he came back on leave, I saw him walk up to girls on the street, wearing his uniform, and get dates with them on the spot! He said he did it all the time!


BTW! Thanks for the tip! The Bear is already on order. He should arrive any day, now!

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No no...he has already done his service for king and country; thats in part

the reason I have chosen him for this quest.


He must find a Sami princess so we can all go over for a fur wedding!!!!

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Too true, Earendil - and I thought I was bad for going off on weird tangents!!


Someone get ToS a drink - i think the heat is getting to him!!



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I always guessed that Touch was on something. Can he send me some of it? Don't get him a drink, that will send him completely over the edge

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I just thought Earendil and her would make a lovely couple. Now come on Earendil she cant be off topic!!!!


Strange, but before I posted this advice for earendil, he had already pm'd me and said how the few sami girls he has met have been "more real" than other women.

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You might even say that Touch is a mite touched!! But there again, seeing those sami girls, who can blame him?


Or have you just had a good day at the races Touch?

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not as freaked as the one on "brain" at the moment.


Havent been drinking and havent been to the races.


errrrrr....I guess that just makes me odd. or a romantic.

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Yep - I would go for the first one.....................odd!!


But there again, I suppose it is "oddness" that makes life so interesting

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