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SC Update - Nicoletta

Guest furs50

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they swing from one extreme to the other one the one hand a realy nasty looking women in a very nice fur or in this case a realy nice looking women in a nasty fur they need to get it right,,,,,,

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Perhaps... just perhaps...


folks are only postings the reasonably attractive ladies in fur...




...not that there's anything wrong with that!!!!

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Yes indeed...


Nice looking lady, even the fake fur wasn't bad....

I'm personaly not into outdoor shots, but this lady makes up for it.

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yes agreed they are really lovely shots and I think she should be applauded for an excellent effort. As faux goes I thought this better than many a real.

The shot with a breaking wave and the striking pose is beautiful.


Hopefully she will do some shots with a real fur soon....I have seen quite a few nice fauxs on her site

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