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good price for Russian sable pelts?


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These sable pelts look so yummy. I think the price is excellent. What do you think? The sables are from north of Moscow, and appear to be wild caught, not farm raised. The farm-raised sables are a medium chocolate color, lighter brown than the brown ones in the photo, and do not have a noticeable grotzen line.


Furs By Graf has their fur buyer in New York City looking for Russian sable pelts on my behalf. The buyer is/was on vacation, so it may be a while before I receive a sable pelt. The purchase has not been made yet, so I can still shop around.


Should I get a sable pelt from glacierwear.com, wait for Graf's fur buyer to find me one, or check with Daniel Wachtenheim, the downtown Los Angeles furrier, about the sable pelts that he has on sale?



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Its not the best deal for sable, the goldens are nice, but I think you can do better.


Call Martin Paswell in New York for sable. He's the best sable dealer we know (212) 695-7545. He has some of the best skins around.


The boys from Tsarevich

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