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Farewell Rose


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(Rose speaking to Dalek) - Five million Cybermen? - Easy.

One Doctor?.......... now your scared!


Eric you're in for a treat with this final episode of series.


Sad to see Rose go. She will be sorely missed. Her performance in this episode clinches Billie Piper as a superb actress.


Who knows? She may be back. All is possible in the infinite space/time continuum of multiple universes


Anyone taking bets?

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Okay so Rose was good, but from a purely intellectual point of view there was an assistant who i found to be slightly better; the American girl 'cause she was always flashing her boobs. Okay, call me sexist, but she was!

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American girl??? When?


One thing doctor Who needs is a vamp.


the sweet innocent is getting a bit lame; and Billie Piper managed to do wonders with it acting wise. She turned out to be an amazing actress.


One thing I wont miss though is the baggage. The mum and dad and mickey were poor. That may have been to do with the scriptwriters; but they brought it down to Eastenders level.


They need a daarker, vampy, assistant now. Something maybe the doctor

finds it difficult to control.

A seven of nine or a Kate B in van helsing or a Mila Johovic kick ass girl.


The times have changed and its going to get dated otherwise. The mother in particular was cringeably "normal" and one dimensional.


I wouldnt mind seeing Billie back....but hope the cybermen kill her entire family if she does.

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The american girl was Peri or Perry however you spell it. She was hot, great accent, as well as the cleavage. She was at the end of Peter Davidson and the start of Colin Baker, After Tegan the New Zealander and before the annoyance that is bonnie langford came along.


The regeneration scene was a cracker for cleavage as it basically saw her bending over the doctor and a strategically placed camera. Marvellous.


Rose was quality and the play off between her and David Tennant was superb. He is easily my favourite doctor ever.


My favourite line in the whole episode was definately the 'this is not war, this is pest control' moment, priceless.


Come on though, we all knew that the dalek and cybermen alliance would last roughly as long as it did

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Oh come on TouchofSable, with Seven of Nine on there i wouldn't bother following the story; i would just be drooling over her.


I would love Kelly Brook on there. The only trouble is they wouldn't need to dub her voice, only her acting ability. Still she would be nice to look at.

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