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Logging on the gallery


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I've just registered and am unable to log onto the gallery.

Is it because the login for the gallery has not updated as yet?


With thanks, Amail

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Part of our security for the new site means that members can only "Register" there once a month. That registration is really an automatic process done by us at approximately one month intervals. It is possible that due to the site just opening that we will update the registrations sooner this time, but at the moment that is unlikely.


Sorry, but as a new member you will need to wait for a bit. I promise that it will be worth the wait though!


I would like to welcome you as a new member here. We really hope that you will love it here! We've kinda gotten to like this little place and we hope you will too.

White Fox


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Minkme... as far as the Gallery is concerned.... and it's availability to the "public" (ie members of this site)... then all the pics are new.However, point is taken about dates for future reference.

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