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Ryoko Yonekura Fur Pics (Japan)


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Hey everyone,


I thought I might share my finds of Japanese actress (and former model) Ryoko Yonekura. She's known to many to as a famous Japanese TV drama actress, (even appearing in the J-version of "Bewitched"), and numerous TV commercials and ad campaigns.


Here are some various fur scans from some fashion mags:












From Kurokawa No Techo




Kanebo's Sala Yellow commercial video snaps










Red dyed fur or feather?









The following is a series of screen caps from her digi+kishin DVD :


Very nice Ryoko-chan, (faux fox?):












Ryoko is a very voluptuous woman, she can go from comedic, to sweet, to cute, to serious in an instant. In my opinion, she deserves some powerful fox fur and tanuki raccoon coats for her figure.


Her TV drama and commercial costume designers pick out some great fur items for her more "wealthy" and stylish roles.


I even caught her on TV once in "Bewitched in Tokyo" where she wore a great white fox stole, (yep, she's the witch in the Japanese adaptation).


She is one to watch for as autumn and winter approaches and she appers in Japanese fashion mags with more fur hopefully. For you sweater fans there are lots of pics out there with her in them. All of her fans keep an eye on new scans here at JDorama.com, her pic thread link is below.


I may be missing other pics, but please add 'em on to the thread if you find them.


I miss living in Japan (sigh)


- Kuma


P.S. All of her fans keep an eye on new scans of her at this thread on JDorama.com:


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yes very nice Kuma and thankyou.


How is fur in japan? more or less?


Also, I cannot imagine(since I have never met a bitter chippy Japanese person, but I may be wrong) there being the kind of animal rights vitriole there is in the west. Would this be correct?


I often see japanese girls in fur in London....and they are often quite young.


Welcome anyway Kuma you have added another dimension to our community; greatly appreciate the input.

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What is it about Japanese women (in or out of fur) then just makes me want to drool uncontrollably?




PS sorry for any spelling mistakes..

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yes very nice Kuma and thankyou.


How is fur in japan? more or less?


You're very welcome touchofsable


In Japan? I'd say more - both in price and appearance out in public. Expensive with elaborate designs.


If you go shopping in the trendy Ginza district of Tokyo, and head into Ginza Grace, expect to see and pay for this:


Fox Jacket: 400,000 yen ($3500 US dollars)



Beige Mink lined/Silk coat: 650,000 yen ($5700 US dollars)



Saga fur mink coat: 1,200,000 yen ($10,500 US dollars)



Fox Stole: 294,000 yen ($2575 US dollars)



Now maybe it's just me, and maybe because these are made in Ginza, it explains why these are so expensive.


Yet, Japan is a country where an office woman won't blink twice on paying $1000 for a Louis Vuitton handbag.


However, part of me wants to point Japanese shoppers to MadisonAvenueMall.com, as they apparentally ship to certain countries overseas. Or, it'd be much cheaper for Japanese to travel overseas and just do their fur shopping here.


Some Japanese online shops are reasonable, however. Check here:



I have scored a silver fox coat and had a great time at professionally held "second-hand sale shows". On two of these occasions I each brought a Japanese date with me. I got to watch her try on coats, take pictures (sorry, can't share), compliment her and make her feel like a princess for a day. Great fun, and a great memory, i'd go back in an instant. I brought that silver fox stroller home with me which i'll have repaired and maybe either sell or give to a special girl


You'll notice that a lot of Japanese fur shops style jackets so as to not make them look thick. One complaint i heard from a woman was "The fur coat will make me look fat", or "It will make me look like an animal". I disagreed of course.


One of the things I hate is that some Japanese fur coats look really "cheap", their dyed a neon color, they're only rabbit fur, or fake. It can make a woman look like a prostitute instead of sophisticated (in my opinion).


The one thing I loved in Japan were the fuzzy acrylic blankets that felt like mink on sale in department stores. I bought three and sent them back home with me. I swear, you spend one minute under one of these blankets and your warm, no joke, it's like you're wrapped by a teddy bear. Visitors to my bedroom have called them the "teddy bear blankets". They sell these in Japan because most Japanese homes are not insulated well. I'll have to post some pictures of mine sometime.


In these same department stores you'll find sheepskin rugs of all sizes and pillows (but I wasn't crazy about the quality).


Also, I cannot imagine(since I have never met a bitter chippy Japanese person, but I may be wrong) there being the kind of animal rights vitriole there is in the west. Would this be correct?


You would be correct. The only animal rights protest that I saw in the news took (in my two years in Japan) took place in front of a KFC restaurant in Tokyo. It was laughable. Guess who were protesting? Only two or three foreigners! Not a native Japanese in sight at the protest from what I saw and heard! Picture here:



I often see japanese girls in fur in London....and they are often quite young.


Some of them have lots of money from Mom and Dad to spend on themselves.


Some of them are bargain shopping for themselves and maybe for friends or family because things are cheaper. I'm almost the same, except if I had the money to spend I'd go to Hong Kong, cheap suits can be custom tailored, sewn and delivered to your hotel in a 48-72 hr period. I bought two suits there cheap during my visit to Hong Kong. If you want a cheap suit, good quality, be sure to visit Hong Kong


- Kuma

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