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Day #1. *** Please Read. (Day 0 almost here!)

White Fox

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We have told you how there is going to be a whole new pictures site on the New Den within hours. In the near future we will have a brand new Library here. I am still in awe of how great this area is going to be! And, hopefully not long after you may be able to use a whole new chat area. Other smaller things could be coming as well.


Now then, these areas take a lot of web space. When we began this site we figured we had so much space and yet it is already close to being used up. Folks soon we will indeed ask you to consider sponsoring us. In return you get to realize that you are a very special part of this wonderful site that AK and BrGr have created for you. None of us ever dreamed it would look like it is going to when we started. We are so very proud of this and we hope that you are too.


We also hope to have a fantastic surprise for you if you will sponsor us. We still though have to verify the technical aspects of this and that it will work. But folks, this will be a very special part of this site and very, very unique if we can put it together. Unique especially in that both members and sponsors can be involved. It was an idea of Mr B with the help of the other mods.


To finish this great site we will need more web space! Also, I do not even like the words finish or complete as we do not figure the site will ever be finished. We will always be adding to it and updating it to make it work the very best for you. Remember how at Melody, Symphony and Harmony did not work. So often chat did not work. Pictures did not work. There was no front page due to hackers. Search only partly worked. There was no Library to store information on photos and camera equipment, digital processing, trip destinations, and magazine writeups. There was no "Links" site. Everything was pretty much on one forum because we could not expand. On this site all of that will be working!


So folks when sponsors opens in a couple of weeks we do hope that you will think of us and the great site that these two fellows have built here. If you even give just a few pennies each day, you will be able to help this great site stay alive. We will be truly thankful for your donations. And we will indeed let you know such!


We do hope that you think of sponsoring us when we open our sponsors area in just a couple of weeks or a little more when you have had a chance to try out the new pictures area.


Thanks all for being such a tremendous part of this great site. It is you folks who have made this happen. And if you can help us out just a little bit, it can be even better!

White Fox


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Just went in myself to see the finished product. Looks great!


One thing we do need to clarify is in the rules we listed the other day for members, we said no blanket shots. They are quit a few there.


Could you clarify this?





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Yes, the obvious one is that if there is a "Blanket shot" where there is only a tiny, tiny bit of fur showing in the corner, the post will not be allowed. These are NOT fur shots. If the person is actually wearing fur they are allowed. So where is the line. It is indeed up to the mod, and it will have to be a decision by them. As long as there is a substantial bit of fur in the photo it will be allowed. I know that it is a little difficult to understand at the moment but we will get there. If you are not sure if a certain photo is allowed just post it and ask mods to clerify it. Please do not post a XXX photo though and ask mods to clerify it. That will instantly be deleted and you will have a warning as that is obvious.



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