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Fur lovers in Illinois?


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Given a little cold with a little windchill - people find natural fibers and furs make things a great deal more tolerable.

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I find that most people in Chicago are more fur friendly than most other cities, but will still opt for different types of fleeces as a textile instead of fur, be they natural or synthetic. And to be quite frank, I really want to push those people out of a window. If there is one visual representation of how much society has declined, it’s the fact that people have an obsession with fleece. 

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Before 2010, I went to a Burlington Coat Factory several miles from my home.  The inside was wonderful.  It was in various warm earth tones.  There was a good selection of jackets and coats made from natural fibers, not just the usual synthetic fibers like polyester and polar fleece.  There was a section with real leather jackets, with glass partitions surrounding it.  Fast forward to a few years ago.  I went to the same Burlington Coat Factory and the change I saw was drastic.  The warm earth tones were gone, replaced with sterile white.  Every single coat and jacket was made of synthetic fibers.  The section with the leather jackets was gone.  I think this reflects the fact that a lot of Americans simply do not have the disposable income to purchase high quality, natural fiber cold-weather clothing and leather jackets as well as they simply do not care if they wear synthetic fibers or natural fibers.

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