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Fur ID needed...coyote or Canadian lynx?


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I think this is coyote.  The guard hairs and color of the white belly are much more like coyote than Canadian lynx.  What do you all think?




From seller of coat:


Hello, it is definitely Canadian Lynx. The owner flew their own plane to Canada to buy it in the 1970's. One other eBay-er said the same thing so I brought to a furrier here in Boston to make sure and they confirmed that it was Lynx and that coyote fur would be much stiffer. Maybe lynx looked different or they treated the fur differently 50 years ago but this is definitely lynx. Thank you for asking. It is a tremendous coat!

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I see it sold, but it's definitely lynx. I have two large pelts and it's consistent with the patterns on those beasts.

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