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White Fox and AKcoyote have been kind enough to list my new Yahoo stories site and deleted the old one. The new site is up and running but I am not done transferring stories and I have not shut down the old one yet. I have decided to screen all new members on the new site. I posted a message not too long ago mentioning creating a new site and my frustration with the old site. By the way, there was a great response and dialogue to my post and I greatly appreciate all the members here who participated. There was a number of different ideas and points of view that I have never considered. Anyway, it was helpful and most refreshing. I am screening new members as I was frustrated with all the members of the old site in that I did not feel many of them (recently) had any interest in fur. My new way may not be any better in that anyone can tell me they like fur when indeed they do not care. But I feel better about it. With my old site I was excited when I saw the number of people who joined. I gotten over that so now I want to be more selective. I do not know a lot of the members here at the Fur Den but I feel confident that a big majority here truly do love fur.


So if you choose to join, I may not recognize your "handle". So if you just want to say that you are a member of the Fur Den, then I will approve your membership. I have added a few photos to the new site and I have posted parts to three new stories. In addition, I have a short story which I will post soon. I have written a number of parts to the three new stories and I will be posting them soon. I welcome all members of the Fur Den to the site and as before, I hope you enjoy the stories. My intent is that it takes you to a fantasy world where you might enjoy and fantasize with our mutual love and obsession with fur! I do appreciate the fact that White Fox posts a link to my stories site. I must also take the time to thank The Fur Twins place for finding a home for my stories when no other existed. And I will thank any and all of you who read my stories and derive some enjoyment or pleasure from them. I know it sounds corny, but other than my own pleasure from writing the stories, I get an absolute wonderful feeling knowing that my stories bring pleasure to others. See you at the new site!



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