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City on Fire video


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HMmmmmmmmmm was it my imagination... or did her right cuff show a bit of wear and tear.


ToS, she is also smoking in this vid *grin*


Now, if we had been allowed to see more of the coat and less of the bloke *grin*

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Thanx Tweety for posting it - will have to figure out how to download this scene later..


But I got to say, Carrie Ng looks gorgeous in that silver fox jacket!!



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Another "passion" of mine, besides Fur, is the Sci-Fi genre of Anime.


If you share the same interest, here's a thought for you:


Don't you think that Carrie Ng would be the perfect actress for Maj. Motoko Kusanagi in the "Ghost In The Shell" series if they ever did a live-action version?






note: sorry, I had to move the images to my own space





Edit by Fox: Turned pics into links.

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Don't you think that Carrie Ng would be the perfect actress for Maj. Motoko Kusanagi in the "Ghost In The Shell" series if they ever did a live-action version?


I think so too.

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For the record, I'll marry Carrie Ng, if only she wears a white fox fur gown at the altar, and keeps that silver fox in our honeymoon suite. As Carrie says, Chow Yun-Fat can keep that job and shove it.


She's mine!


There's another brief scene in the beginning where she carries that coat and runs out of a nightclub after him as he is wisked away in a cab.


As a major Asian film fan, with tons of Hong Kong, Korean and Japanaese DVD's in my collection, that was one of the best fur scenes in Hong Kong film history. I actually showed this film to a university campus because it's classic Chow Yun-Fat.


I'll have to dig out my Yes Madam laserdisc, it has a brief clip of Michelle Yeoh wearing what looks like that exact silver fox coat.


This clip looks like the Miramax english dub (horrible),but it has a good DVD transfer. I've got the original HK Cantonese DVD from Universe, with the transfer being grainy and not so well done. A new HK release should be on the way shortly I believe.


- Kuma

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Its a great shame that the US think they have to remake foreign movies for US and British consumption.

There was the Ring and way back there was The seven samurai (maginificent 7). City on Fire was ripped off/paid homage to in Reservoir Dogs(or was it Pulp Fiction?)


Anyway...are there any other Japanese movies/actresses connected with furs we should know about?


Thanks for the input and welcome if you are new Kuma.

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Thanks for the welcome touchofsable.


City on Fire, and the brief scene in Yes Madam, are the only Hong Kong films I can remember that have fur in them, and these are very old Hong Kong/Chinese mid-eighties films. With the climate being so humid in Hong Kong, I would think its troublesome to own a fur and for movie studios to really include them. If there are more HK films out there with fur, then I have yet to see them.


As for Japanese actresses and movies, I remember seeing lots of TV series with furs in them. However, furs in Japan are expensive, and are a serious statement of wealth. I should know, I lived there for two years. Fake and rabbit fur are really in style there since they're cheap, but second-hand sales were great to visit, i have lots of stories!

Fur in Japan is in style (if you can afford it). Japan is the land of $1000 Louis Vuitton handbags. Second-hand sales have lots of good furs to choose from. Anyway.......


There was one scene in the Japanese movie, A Taxing Woman, or A Taxing Woman 2, where a Japanese woman visits a fur salon and buys a mink. I clearly remember her walking out of the shop with three fur salon employees bowing in thanks outside the shop as she rides off in a taxi. I hope I'm right on this.


Yoko Tani, a French-Japanese actress plays a cute eskimo wearing a fox hood in The Savage Innocents (1959). There are lots of nice publicity photos of close-ups with Tani in that cute white fox hood and some DVD screen caps here. The film has seen a DVD in the UK only:



There are some great Asians who've played some cute eskimo roles, in some very exquisitely nice fur parkas designed by the set costumers.


Joan Chen in "On Deadly Ground" wears a nice blue fox parka, other cute eskimo women can be seen as extras while Steven Segal is brought in injured on a sled into their village. There is also one scene where a beauty attempts to seduce him on a fur covered bed, in a blurred dream-sequence.


A young Kelly Hu, then 20 years old, (ok, she's from Hawaii), appers as Kista, an eskimo girl who appears on a season six Night Court episode titled "Danny Got His Gun Part 2". She makes a great entrance in a gray rabbit coat, line with white fox and hood, wearing what appears to be thick lynx or fox mitts. Sadly its a brief scene, i have it on tape. She greets a rescued John Laroquette, and I'll never forget the dialogue when they first meet:


John: My god, a real woman!

Kista: I see the stranger has risen!

John: Oh boy! Yeah!


(You can figure that one out )


Lots of Japanese singers love fur also, Ayumi Hamasaki appers in pink fox coat with white hood on her "No Way To Say" CD single cover photo, and makes an appearance in a great fur in her recent "Bold & Delicious" video, which has been posted before.


Rina Aiuchi looks like a lusicious playgirl with her red fox boa in this pic:



I so wanted to score a promotional poster of that cover while I was in Japan but I didn't have any luck....damn.


Rina Aiuchi sings in a fox lined coat in this concert performance:



Rina Aiuchi loves to show off fur as much as Ayumi Hamasaki


Azumi, a Sony label singer also wears a cute white fox fur hat in the her music video Snowflake. There are some clips out there.


I have this exact poster of my avatar, Misia of Mars & Roses:



Enjoy! I hope to share more as i remember



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I did some digging around on Ayumi Hamasaki and found two websites of interest:


http://www.eneabba.net/ayu/index.htm is a good source of screengrabs from her videos and performances on TV and award shows. She seems to wear quite a bit of fur in her videos and performances and although I haven't searched them all perhaps someone who is able to surf through all the pics can point others to them.


http://global.yesasia.com/en/Index.aspx is a good source to buy asian music and film entertainment from and contains several CDs (some with DVDs) of Ayumi Hamasaki's work. So if you see any scenes you like from the first link above, look to see if those videos are on the album DVDs here - including some of the "Making of..." video scenes.



Mr Mockle

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It might be an idea - although if we have a member who can read Japanese Kanji text they might have more luck navigating around the official and unofficial websites for her contact details. However I did find one other site which has a good number of pics (including a few but not many real and fake fur ones) and an English language forum which I have yet to visit.




So far, by far the best photo comes from her appearance on the cover of Japanese Vogue from late 2002 (November or December edition), which is quite superb:




Also from that edition:





Mr Mockle

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I've added some fur pics of Japanese actress Ryoko Yonekura to the Album-Related Photos and Discussions forum. Enjoy!


It's wishful thinking to invite Ayumi Hamasaki to the forum , but she's the star equivalent of Madonna in her home country of Japan. Ironically, many people have pointed out how much she copies Madonna's style in her music videos.


ScottInSeattle, in case you're interested, a second actress who could play Kusangai from Ghost In The Shell would be polish actress Malgorzata Foremniak. She starred in Avalon, a sci-fi movie directed by none other than Mamoru Oshii, the director of both GitS movies. Foremniak is an exact image of Maj. Motoko Kusanagi. Check out Avalon, it's pretty good!


- Kuma

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