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Just how...

Mr Barguzin

How did you [b]join[/b] this forum?  

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  1. 1. How did you [b]join[/b] this forum?

    • A member straight over from Melody?
    • A link from a site other than Melody?
    • Been a guest (of melody and here) and finally bit the bullet
    • Other - please explain

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did you come to join this site?


I know it sounds a silly question, but it is also very interesting to see the answers, because no matter what one might think... the real answer may surprise us all.

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I of course came straight from Melody, but initially (back in the Melody days) I believe I stumbled upon a link to the site and lurked around for a while before joining.

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When i first had the internet i was bowled over by the picture posting. When that closed i thought to myself, "why don't i talk to these people." I don't know why but i imagined you would all be a bunch of weirdos but i hasten to add that you are not; just normal people who adore fur. In fact you are probably less weird than me!

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