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I was gonna' say, that welcome shot is astonishing!






Hope noone noticed my minor booboo.

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I almost missed this; I meant to do a post on her a while ago when we were talking about native fur links.



is a Cherokee .

Her tribal/family name is Little Quail.


What's more, there are several amazing things about her.

Firstly she is the ultimate thinking mans pin up. She is a First Nations Rights Lawyer, who financed her way through law school by modelling. The ultimate REZ girl heroine.


Secondly, she is very active in animal issues, and especially animal rehabilitation after accident etc. So it is incredible that clearly she has no objection to fur. SO that potentially makes her a great ally. It is my experience too, that a wamth to animals and nature is more often demonstrated by people who love fur than by PETA activists who seem to almost despise animals. Also of course, the Rio declaration on the Environment suggests that indigenous people are able to use traditional methods and practices in managing their environment...which means hunting and fur. So it would be interesting to see if this is were she is coming from.


Thirdly, she is a horse woman.


I tried to join her site but couldnt...that cc/Bill thing is a nightmare here.

I will try again after they reply and tell me what the problem with my c/c is.


Some more, utterly incredible images of her with fur;

www.musecube.com/REZNDN/8140/ The 16th image down on the right is Ashley with black fox...click on and it comes up big


www.ashleyskin.com/artistic.asp click to images 2 (! ) 3, 5(warbonnet with fur adornment)


www.ashleyskin.com/headshots.asp image 3 appears to be a sheared fur, and no5 is awesome; truly beautiful in feathers and fox hair adornment and the last one is mink neck collar.


Oh and yeah...the other amazing thing is just for us purist smoking fans. Come to the smoking lounge


If you go to shop by the way you can buy an autographed picture of Ashley in fur 8x10.

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As we are talking about warbonnets and fur and whether they go together again, I thought I would bring this up for LTNK's attention.


Go to www.ashleyskin.com/artistic.asp


Go to pics 3, 4 and 6.


Now tell me warbonnets/native adornment arent erotic or dont go with fur. She is Cherokee by the way. Oh and the other pages have some great blue fox shots.

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