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A rather nice page (mild nudity)


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That page pops back up from time to time.

Its a very informative page too.

I think I remember it being posted at least 2 to 3 times over at the old den on melody.

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Those are beautiful photos and I loved looking at them too, but I feel I must interject a negative point. I saw these photos awhile back, (someone else posted the link) and I sent Ruth an e-mail. I know no one here really knows me but I am always very respectful when I send e-mails to women. I know she is a Pro Domme and sometimes they do not like you to just send them messages as they think it is a waste of time unless you are scheduling a session. She proceeded to send me a response telling me that she did not waste her time responding to e-mails from people like me. She went on to say that she had no time for me unless I would be willing to buy her something. She gave me a link for some sweaters which she liked, and told me if I bought her one of these sweaters she could find some time to converse with me. I clicked on the link for the hell of it and the sweaters were over $100. I felt this was really ridiculous. I do love viewing her photos and both her and the furs are very beautiful. It does diminish what I would consider a "lot of nerve" to demand gifts merely for the pleasure of conversing with someone.



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I have heard from another fur guy who contacted that dom and he told me the same story.

She said buy me this or nothing.


Sounds like one of my ex gg gf's.

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Guys this is just a wise sales lady. If she can't get you to "commit" now, it won't happen later.


It is better to weed out those who are not going to be worth her time.


Sorry, but she is a business lady.



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I know most dommes are that way. You have to be or you do get taken advantage of, as I know first hand. Even when I had my site up, all of it was free mind you, I still got complaints of why aren't there shots of my feet, or this or that... only complaints for the most part. If you seem "nice and amicable" you will have men take all the time from you that they can (chatting endlessly, taking up time for nothing in return, etc, etc). It is a business first and foremost, don't forget that.


Lots of men who approach dommes these days come to them from the internet. It isn't like the old days when one had to go thru long, rigorous testing before you could even meet the domme of choice face to face (you had to correspond in written letters, prove yourself worthy so to speak). Nowadays, it's get 'em in fast and move along to the next "sub." This is due, in part, to the quality of men we dommes were beginning to encounter - guys who'd never seen a domme, expected sex and all kinds as they didn't have a clue to the etiquette and what really does go on in session. That is a big part of why I stopped taking clients... it really wasn't worth the hassle or the worry (never know when it's johnny law in disguise, eh?). The other part of the problem is all the new dommes out there who think it is an easy way to make money, don't really have training and lack good ethics; it is anything but easy, I can assure you! And the risk is horrendous if something should go wrong - one's freedom would be taken away to start with, but that is just a start....


Point is this: do not contact a domme and expect anything less than to pay a fee to even talk to her; do not contact a domme if you don't want a session or phone training or to just simply give her something. Most of them will not give you the time of day otherwise.


I used to be way too nice and allow far too much, but it isn't my nature to just be a bitch... unless you force me to be one, that is. That is not how most other dommes work, rather they are quite the opposite, as they should be... they are put on a pedastal to be worshipped, not chat with casually as a friend. Think of the hours we spend on the phone or email talking to men we don't know asking us to do all kinds of odd things... then you might understand a bit more why we like to be so unapproachable. Refur is correct, she is a savvy business lady and knows her market well enough to know how to treat them; if someone balks at her policies, they aren't a sub, and are mostly interested in their own selfish needs (trust me, this is most of the "subs" that I've encountered, not the minority!). This way she knows if you're all talk or if you really are sincere.


No, I won't contact her, sorry. I do my best to stay out of the pro world these days, as things are too volatile and precarious there, at least for my tastes.

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