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Seems like over at www.beyonceonline.com there are a whole bunch of people making some really good posts about fur. There is a guy involved in medicine, a poodle breeder, a black girl into furs and catsuits, another dog breeder and some black guy making some great posts .

They have wiped the floor with PETA.


Keep and eye on it in case it gets sabotaged by PETA again.

At the moment there is just an insane guy with an irrational hatred of Beyonce, a mad pianist from israel who is so bonkers he has actually denounced his faith in backing PETA, and a guy called redlama who started reasonably and has got desperate. There have been several people who staretd posting against Beyonce and pro PETA who have actually switched sides.


MissT and a couple of other people from here have posted some stuff too.



But the main thing I am posting this for is you GOT to see the pic of Lil Kim they gor posted there in fur.

Then there are some other great refs including a cache of hundreds of pics of beyonce in furs on getty images.


It is important that we stay out of this argument apart from the couple of us that are already there. But you just got to go and read.

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This is the opportunity to support the right to wear furs. Beyonce is a very public figure and IF she decides to abandon fur, it would be a very big blow. Therefore, it is very important that we all become members of that forum and post and post support for her.


I have seen lots of anti fur posts and we cannot allow them to gain the upper hand. Please, join and support her!!!!!!!!

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Thank you. Afterall, we all should not forget that the current popularity of Fur has a lot to do with Fur wearing celebrities, who tend to set a trend and act as role models for many young people. That is why PETA targets people like Beyonce and Jenifer Lopez. If they turn such celebs away from fur, they actually manage to turn millions of fans away from Fur as well.


That is why, it is so important to support Beyonce and Fur on a public forum.

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IF I went to such a website in defense of fur, I would be sure to stress that it is the INDIVIDUAL'S right to decide if they like fur. (Or anything else, for that matter.)


If a person doesn't like fur, that is their RIGHT. They also have the right to express that opinion in a CIVILIZED manner.


Spamming the board, posting dozens of topics with inflamatory messages and no discussion to follow should not be accepted. Neither should name-calling or "pot-stirring". (e.g.: Starting a fight just for the controversey.)


We can EASILY trounce these people on the factual, rhetorical, philosophical and/or the religious front. But they often don't operate at that level. They operate at the visceral, emotional level. No amount of factual persuasion is going to make them listen.


WE need to be the civilized ones.

WE need to take the lead in the discussion, no matter where it takes us.

WE need to be the moderators. (In the sense that we bring "moderation", if not the technical/authoritarian sense.)


"Anti-people" need to see us as nice, non-threatening people. We need to be welcoming, cordial and even a little bit funny. (Humorous.)


PeTA-Pukes will try to pick a fight.

They will try to stir up emotions.

They will try to create controversey.


That is how they keep their cause alive.


We need to show the "leaners" and the "moderates" that we are not the Antichrist that PeTA makes us out to be.

If we do, they will eventually see that it is PeTA who are the bad guys.


I would also not be afraid to point out just how bad PeTA and its membership really are. Just do it in a factual way.


Show them the crimes committed by their members.

Show them the "plausable deniability" tactics used by PeTA management to deflect liability.

Show them the CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS that are on the payroll.

Show them the underhanded tactics they use.

Show them the hyporcacy.


But, do it in a factual way.


In short, don't attack people for their non-fur preference. It will be seen as a PERSONAL attack on them. But, on the same token, do not allow them to align themselves with PeTA based, simply on the fact that PeTA outwardly seems to be in favor of animal preservation.

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I hadn't taken time out to check in on the Beyonce forum in a while, but did so just now and made a few posts in my diplomatic fashion. It is worth the time to look around to see that most of the real fans there are open minded enough to listen and learn. It's also good to see the peta people talking themselves into a corner in which everyone wants to place the dunce cap on their heads.


oh, and her new video is hot, even though she stayed away from fur... likely she was advised so to do. still hot!

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