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Shopping For Alpaca Rugs - A Great Experience Today


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Today, a friend and I went to visit an Inca boutique store to check out some alpaca rugs.  There were a couple of alpaca patchwork fur rugs on the floor of the store - a huacaya fur rug and a suri fur rug - as well as a white octo sheepskin rug.  As the fur rugs were on the floor as "floor models", we walked all over them with our shoes on even though it was just after the rain and the grounds outside were dirty.  As my friend wore her Louboutin shoes (black high heel stiletto platform peep toe pumps), I thought the store manager was about to get mad at us either because her heels could damage the fur rugs or our shoes were dirty from outside...but instead, he commented to my friend on how he loves the look of her high heels on the fur rugs, and asked if he could take some pictures of her feet in her shoes standing on the alpaca and sheepskin rugs, which she allowed.

Anyways, it was near closing time but the manager took his time to show us around when my friend told him that she was looking for an alpaca rug.  Since we were the only customers in the store, the manager laid out some of the "for sale" alpaca rugs on the floor and despite having tags that read "CLEAN HANDS ONLY", he allowed my friend to walk on them with her high heel shoes on!  Normally, he'd never allow anyone do that (at least not with their shoes on).  Interestingly though, when she tried out a footrest/mini-stool, she was asked to take her shoes off.  After a bit of chat, the manager gave my friend a personal discount on an alpaca rug.  Though we didn't buy anything today, we'll be visiting the store again next weekend and she'll make her purchase then.

Side Note:  It's interesting how fur rugs (and even more so with alpaca rugs) seem so soft as a stuffed toy and "clean" as a bed, yet it's sometimes acceptable to have dirty shoes on them while at the same time, shoes must stay off bed and furniture.

As kids, we were told that shoes are dirty, that shoes must stay off furniture and bed, and to never touch the bottom of your shoes.  I can imagine a kid seeing fur rugs that seem so soft as a stuffed toy and "clean" as a bed, then the experience of surprise when he/she sees someone in shoes walking on a fur rug for the first time.  After having seen shoes on fur and/or after walking on it him/herself in shoes, he/she might think that shoes are also okay on the bed or sofa or perhaps might even want to start touching the bottom of his/her shoes while crawling on a fur rug (even though they KNOW they are NOT supposed to touch the bottom of their shoes).  As a result, trampling on fur rugs with shoes on while trying to refrain from touching the bottom on your shoes or putting them on the bed or sofa builds up a pleasant tension/excitement that's part of the fetish later in life.

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