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House warming.....with fur!


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Thanks Furbound. The move won't be totally complete til we get those old messages and post counts over here. However, that day will come.


It really was a hard decision at the time to know whether or not we should open early. I have been so surprised. I thought we might have 4 or 5 members that first day as no one would know we are open. We have over 100 now!


I am so glad we opened early now!


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Well, i for one am glad this place is open!! Not only does it look nice, it also takes some of the pressure off the folks at melody, so they can work on transferring everything over (which is what i'm assuming is what's going on).


Also, i reckon this green colouring will grow on me...



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Yes, this is just one of the many new feature of the New Den... the ability to easily customise things to our own personal tastes. A big thank you to the hard work of the owner/administrators and others who made this happen.

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