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A club for all who lust after the dark and wicked parts of the fur fetish community meet and chat, share stories of your most dark cravings (all welcome and let your primal lust rain)
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  2. Definitely agree with you, we imagine fox and excitement are bigger and better. Why not directly in the fur farm !!!
  3. Fuck yes.... its so rotten and kinky. makes wearing my furs as i touch my whore self so much better ;)
  4. Of course anti fur group is so far from pleasure of fur lover. Why stop our pleasure of wear fur and use many skin, this skin from fur farm or the fox live only for this beautiful moment or this skin is perfect and ready for be pelted. Fox have this destiny for our fur and pleasure. Anti fur group is so fun with pictures haha
  5. i knowwww i luv this topic! for example theres this photo from an antifur group on fb: whats so sexy is that the girl in fur in the photo is naked, and reallyyy enjoying the feel of the dead fox vest against her skin if they wanted to be antifur, they chose the wrong image LOL look at the smile on her face, you can totally tell she enjoys wearing thoe poor little animals!!
  6. I'm totally agree with you and I appreciate of read a big and proud fur lover. Oh I don't imagine your pleasure in this mink farm, so excited of imagine new coat, stole or bedspread. Surely any difference between the meat and the fur from farm. Nice of had a fur friend like you, mink live for fur and fur live for our haha !
  7. It is a nice part of my furlove to know about the origin of the furs I love. I have visited two times a mink farm and sometimes I watch the harvest of the fur on youtube. I think fur is given by God and for me there is no difference of the meat I eat and the fur I wear.
  8. Haha so fun idea and lynx don't have luck surely but not our problem. I consider fur ranch like the paradise, see all their foxes in cage with different colours and pathetic eyes who see you and don't understand how I don't feel sorry when I stroke this skin and I see this blood body less hesitation about it... Fox live only for fur.
  9. kev86

    Bear “Bile”

    Wow this is detailing and so nice, very good of read this one and I understand new method and work. Directly we understand the bear become a real toys until this death...
  10. kev86

    Skinning Foxes

    Fabulous video who show the beauty and impatience of had fox skin under this finger. See fox skinned are relaxing. Perfect time for wear fur. Of course skinning fox slow is so important for take care of the skin.
  11. I think fur lovers understand perfectly the sacrifice and numbers of animals used for this one. Little community of fur lovers appreciate so much of imagine the number of animals killed for one fur coat... Me too I like so much for my mink of imagine the number of mink used.
  12. Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially naughty, I look at anti-fur ads and go to town. The way that they talk about how animals r treated for their furs is so enticing. 200 chinchillas? I don’t think that’s enough! I disagree 😉 As if that’s supposed to stop us fur lovers 😈
  13. BlueFoxBlanket

    Skinning Foxes

    One of my favorite videos. I’ve watched the full thing through several times.
  14. A video depicting how quickly blue foxes are skinned with the right equipment; beautiful pelts that are ready for tanning. skinning foxes.wmv (youtube.com)
  15. In Asia countries: Bear “Bile” has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. It contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) known to be useful for treating liver and gallbladder conditions in humans. Currently there are over 10,000 bears in captivity, on ranches in several Asia countries. These bears are bred strictly for the purpose of draining bile (fluid) from their bodies. Bear bile farming is considered to be the cruelest and most inhumane activity performed. On a bear bile farm, the bears’ have an average lifespan of 5 years or less. When a bear is in its own habitat, they will live between 15 to 20 years. However, the owners of these bear bile ranches do not give a dam about an animals’ welfare. The bears will spend their entire life in a small confining cage, that restricts their ability to move. Once the bears are around 6 months old, their bodies are incased in a full-metal jacket. Although it can be removed, they rarely are except when the bear’s physical shape changes. The metal jackets have a plastic container just inside of it. That is used for collecting the bile and easily drained. A single bear can produce around five pounds of dried bile over a period of several months. At a young age the bear is chained down in such a way; that it can’t move. While the bear is conscious and chained in place a catheter tube is surgical implanted in their body. The bear needs to be awake so that the bear’s muscles will cause the bile to start flowing. The implanting of the tube so that they can “milk the bile” causes the bear to feel excruciating pain. As the farmer slices through the thick skin and through the soft flesh. But the crying and growling is music to the farmer’s ear. When these bears die their gallbladder, liver and sexual organs are cut out and off. These parts are immediately taken to an open-air market and sold (the parts can sell for as much as $4,000 or more for each). Then the bear is pelted. Free dip method – The process of creating a fistula, or a permanent hole in the abdomen and gallbladder of the bear through which the bile freely drips. Catheterization – The process of pushing a catheter through the bear’s abdomen in order to reach their gallbladder to drain the bile. Percutaneous biliary drainage – The process uses an ultrasound imager to find the bear’s gall bladder. Then it is punctured using surgical tools and the tube is imbedded in the bears gallbladder. Implantation – The process of implanting a tube into the bear’s gallbladder through their abdomen. Thousands of bears are killed worldwide including (in the USA and in Canada) just to extract their organs to sell on the open and black markets. Their bodies / skins are just left to rot. The organs used to produce; shampoos, Acne treatment, Tea, Toothpaste, Liquor, and positions that are used to increase the physical experience (by enhancing or increasing the human body's areas of sensitive. In human males it is said that it can almost double the amount of cum and the intensity of an ejaculation.
  16. Preferred method of slaying the beasts? Probably strangulation with bare hands. If you recall my Tarzan story, that's how he ended the leopard whose hide ended up gracing Jane's beautiful curves! Preference of harvest: Trapping, with hunting a close second. Trapping largely because those animals can be manhandled with one's hands, whereas hunting with a gun or a bow seems less hands on, no pun intended. A fantasy I have involves trapping a lynx, knocking it out, then restraining it, then squeezing the life from it once it's conscious... then tanning that hide and draping the unblemished fur over my lover, who wants to hear every detail of how I obtained that cat and turned it into a lovely stole for her, her becoming more and more turned on by every additional detail and eventually making love while she wears that stole, paws flailing around the two of us as we enjoy its fur.
  17. Some will consider auctioning off a beautiful fox pelt while the fox is still wearing his fur coat Callous and or Cruel. While others including myself will find an auction like this provocative and exciting? What are your thoughts on this kind of fur sale? Would you like to visit a fur ranch and pick out living foxes? Whose fur you want to own and use for your own projects. Such as: bedding, clothing, carpet, or just to pleasure yourself with and use for personal gratification? Would you or have you ever visited a fur ranch? When the animals were around 8 weeks old? Seeing how cute and adorable they are, admiring their soft beautiful fur. Holding the fox allowing it to experience the feel and gentle touch of your hands, the warmth and smell of your body. As you experience the pleasure of caressing their soft virgin fur, fantasizing what you want to do with it? Thinking about how these adorable kits will be fully grown in just 20 weeks and unbeknownst to them, soon to become a permanent part of someone’s fur collection. Would you like to come back to the ranch and choose the animals whose pelts you want to own? Would you love to experience and enjoy watching them being put down (what would be your preferred method; carbon monoxide, strangulation, injecting poison, electrocution, other)? Then witnessing them hanging by their two hind legs as someone dresses them down (betting pelted)? Do you have a preference when it comes to where or how pelts are harvested? Does one method of harvesting fur excite you more than the other methods: ranched, hunted or trapped? This is a “rendition” of a live online auction that took place last year. BTW: It was taken offline within an hour of being posted. I can only assume it was inundated with negative comments: “Today we are auctioning off this beautiful Mocha fox: a 5-year-old breeder. His fur is reddish/burgundy, with white markings, around his face and neck and it is incredibly soft. (The fur is a little darker than it appears in the picture.) Yes, he is currently alive and living in the pelting pens. Along with several other older male breeders: each waiting for their turn; to get pelted. The auction is for his “PELT”. Not, the living fox! He is 121cm long from his nose to the tip to the end of his tail. People that have been bidding on his offspring over the years; have often inquired as to when his pelt would be put up for sale. NOW, is your chance to own this beautiful fur-pelt. Note: (As male fox age, they yield fewer and fewer kits) and when they breed fewer and fewer kits, they to get pelted.) The winning bid will include pelting, all the tanning and processing fees (not the shipping fees, because we ship worldwide). I am expecting his pelt to be rated #1 (mountable). If you are the highest bidder and his pelt is damaged during the any part of the processing. I will renegotiate the price. Several people that have visited the ranch are already placing their bids. The bidding will end in 48 hours and his fur-pelt will be ready to ship, within 2 or 3 weeks. If you are interested in seeing any of the other foxes in the pelting pens that are up for auction. DM me and I will send pictures. (Yes, as pictured he is still alive. Along with several other foxes in the pelting pens.) (These are (NOT) my pictures a repost) 5 Weeks Later.
  18. Just wear them in front of them all with no fucks to give. enjoying the huge thick soft pelts as they want us destroyed but we lust for more hate in our sexy furs enjoying ever stroke of pleasure in front of them ;)
  19. An anti-fur demonstration maybe ? 😃😃😃
  20. Have you ever desired to wear your sexy furs out to a place that could be in question 😉 What would be the most kinky place you would want to wear your thick pelts too ?
  21. True nothing else matters! Furs are and have always been the "true love" of my life above all else. Yes, my house is full of furs. Furs are so gentle and easy to deal with. Unlike people that want to own you: as if you're their fur to abuse. Do you have any limitations: Yes, there is one thing that I never took into consideration until now “getting old, dyeing and getting turned into dust”! The number of animals sacrificed and the pelts that I have both taken and collected over the years to satisfy my obsession, passion and love for fur is: unseemly and rude. But: From the very first time I stroked a large white rabbit and its soft rich fur. I got so horny! All I could thinking about was feeling more and different furs caressing my raw-flesh and fondling my; xxxx, especially when I dressed the animal down and took the fur right off its back! Domination in its purest form without any consequences. Yes, there have been times when I felt some remorse for some furs. Because they were so incredibly beautiful and soft; they really seduced my desire to have fun abusing and ruining them. But the coats, bedding, rugs and 100's of pelts in my possession some virgin, but most are not. Will all simply go to waste and get trashed. Why? Because my end date in this life is getting ever closer and my inheritors could care less about fur.
  22. FoxFurWorship

    She is so Cruel and lovely

    Ok, maybe that's why.
  23. FullLengthFox

    She is so Cruel and lovely

    Mistress Aleana is a dominatrix only, she doesn't do porn (although it would be a great combination!)
  24. FoxFurWorship

    what is enough furs?

    Great topic, agree with everything that is said here. As said by FullLengthFox definitely go for quality over quantity, You can't beat a sumptuous Fur with gorgeous pelts.
  25. FoxFurWorship

    She is so Cruel and lovely

    She is gorgeous and has Furs to match but she doesn't seem to have the allure of Chelsea.
  26. FoxFurWorship

    Midnight fur girl walking

    Fantastic, I bet you could barely control yourself. The thought of a conversing with a stranger in a beautiful Fur is truly amazing, i hope it happens for you.

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