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FurMaster3 fan club.


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For the celebration and theorization of all of FurMaster3's stories future and current.
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  2. FurMaster3

    Ideas needed

    Hey guys! How is it going? I know it has been a while, but I am looking for ideas on how to continue my story. Any plot line you would like to see happen? Any specific furs you want to see used? Any help with ideas would be good.
  3. FurMaster3


    Hey buddy, I am... flattered. Honored, really and truly that you love my story this much. But, it's just a story right? Pretend. Maybe it would be best if you just took a break from the internet for a few days. Come up for some air. Understand? I really love you as a fan, and you're my #1 fan! Secondly, the praise, is great! I really feel loved. But that has it's own issues too right? Other people use this forum because they love different aspects of fur than you. AND THAT'S OK! Some people might not love my writing as much as you do, so try to be respectful of those people, if you have to say something about something I said, or wrote try to keep it here or just between us OK?
  4. RedInFur


    FurMaster3. What can said, already not? He amazing writer. So amaze in fact, no writer on this forum. No writer on ALL of internet as good as him.
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