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Strait male fur fetish how it all began how do you hide your fetish Crazy things you have done because of your fetish How to let your woman in on it Stories by other STRAIGHT MALES about there journeys happenings Ever been caught doing somthing with someone's fur coat things you just can't tell someone that doesn't have a fur fetish in a safe non judging place
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  2. Was rather young when mesmerized by full length red fox fur coat in fur salon window. I stopped , gazed with wonder, got my fire lit!
  3. A furrier told me one of his customer has one bedroom used as a fur closet.
  4. That's a great story, the fact she had 3 walk in closets of Furs would get me aroused let alone seeing that beautiful Golden Island Fox throw!! probably the closest i got was when i was around 20 i stayed over my mum's friend house during Christmas time. I'd seen her wear an amazing Blue Fox Fur coat a few times with gorgeous pelts a sumptuous collar. Anyway, the room I was sleeping in had a closet with Furs so you could imagine my excitement when I opened it. There was a Blue Fox not the same Blue Fox she wore but it was still a beautiful coat. I firstly stroked the soft pelts then thought I just have to put it on even though my mum and her friend were downstairs I didn't care. The chance of feeling the soft Fox Fur on my skin was just too much to pass up and was so glad i did. The feel and overwhelming smell of the Fur and perfume was magnificent, I just had to get into bed and with it on. You can imagine the rest......
  5. my aunt was a.playboy playmate and she had.rich older gentlemen friends that would spoil her rotten and she loved fur coats jacketsshe had 3 walk in closets and each had furs of different moods she would sat but one day I was staying over for the weekend she was my godmother so I get to her house mother walked in before me and I turned the corner to the living room and there was a golden island fox she said it was a throw but it was bigger than the couch hanging all over and I remember feeling the blood I my veins flowing like it didn't know were to flow and my face went bright red and my dick got as hard as a diamond and I was twelve years old and nothing had come out when I had an orgasome Before but I came so hard wet my pants and almost fainted my mother and aunt were standing there with there Hands on there hips tapping there toes and staring ate like as to say what the fuck is your problem well thats what they looked like to me I didn't really understand what had just happened and my mother was not the one to save.her sons from embarrassing moments she would parade us right into them but my aunt was different she new what happened shuffled tithe bathroom and helped me regain my.composure and wisperd in my ear it's OK she said I almost did the same thing the first time i saw it and kissed my cheek and whispered wait tilly feel it I miss that nice lady she's still alive but she's in bostonand I'm in florida but she. Is still well of with money and no children of her own so maybe when she passes she will have thought about my love for her furs and leave them to.mei don't want her to die I just want those beautiful Furs So my answer is golden island fox made me cum in my pants I front of my mother and aunt thats how much it arouses me
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