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Found 1 result

  1. FurMaster3

    My story has been plagiarized.

    Hey all, considering a recent discovery that my work here has been blatantly plagiarized on another website (under a different title and description). I will be taking a break from publishing my story for a while. I really love all the feedback I have been receiving, and truly it has been fun to write something that so many people have found entertaining and enjoyable. THANK YOU, ALL SO, MUCH! I am still and will continue though the hiatus to be writing the story. I have 10 more pages of furs and bondage written as of now, with many more to come, and I can't wait for you all to see it. But, as it stands, a certain user on a certain fetish-friendly art website as saw fit to publish my IP without crediting me. So, until the site, or the user removes the writings, I'm stuck. If the user had at least kept the original title, credited me, or at the BARE MINIMUM admitted, "hey, I took this from Literotica, it isn't mine, here's a link to the original: LINK" then I probably wouldn't be nearly as upset. I still would have asked that it be removed, but I would have been nice and tried to convince them to write their own erotic fur-bondage fiction. The community is so niche as is, we don't have a ton of content written or otherwise. If you didn't steal my IP: I'm so sorry. I can assure you Kitten is still encased in a fur cocoon and waiting patiently for her next furring-torture sesh with Princess, Mommy, or Jacinda. I can promise, once this hiccup is resolved, then you will get every page of story I have for you. The story will continue, you have my word. If you would like to help, and you are part of Literotica’s admin team, or even just an average-schmo, please reach out, as I am kind of at a loss. I didn’t think my work would be popular enough to plagiarize, yet, here we are. [NOTE: there is another site hosting a copy of this same story that was posted by me and is entirely authorized. I DO NOT PERMIT “FUR WRAPPED PRESENT” PARTS I,II,III, or IV, AND ANY AND ALL FUTURE PARTS TO BE PUBLISHED OUTSIDE OF “THE FUR DEN”, AND/OR “LITEROTICA”. ANY AND ALL COPIES EXISITING OUTSIDE OF THOSE TWO SITES ARE UNAUTHORIZED AND VOILATING MY IP.] If you didn’t steal from me, you need read no further. However, whomever STOLE my writings and posted them to another site and gave me ZERO credit, you are a gigantic asshole. Not only is it ILLEGAL, but it is also just not a nice thing to do. CREDIT PEOPLE, as a bare minimum, damn. I worked hard on that. NOT YOU. How would you like it if I posted your work without crediting you? Or is everything on your page stolen? Look, maybe you just thought I would be cool with it. I LOVE that you love my story enough to re-post it. I do. But you renamed it and gave me no credit, basically claiming it as yours when it is not, that’s uncool. It also makes the “and I just really liked the story and wanted to share it” excuse less believable. I will reach out to you through the site hosting the unauthorized copies of my work, feel free to reach-out through here. I’m sure we can come to an understanding. An understanding, that involves you scrubbing my work from your page, but an understanding none the less. The Thief: memoooo65 User Profile | DeviantArt
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