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Found 3 results

  1. TheFurEverCouple

    Cum on Fur

    Anyone else like to cum on fur? Almost every night i lay naked in my fur blankets and it always ends up with me cumming on one of my blankets/coats/gloves. Would love to get some suggestions on fur to cum on or fur to fuck.
  2. furbull

    Lockdown Fur Coats

    Fur Coats and Fantasies There's been a lot of discussion on fur forums about wearing furs in public. This shouldn't be a problem but, because of the negative affect of the self-proclaimed animal rights activists, the wearing of fur is perceived as being politically incorrect in the West (obviously there are exceptions but, sadly, even in Scandinavia, these attitudes appear to be gaining ground). It is such a shame that, at a time when meeting the challenge of climate change is so critical, such beautiful, sustainable and practical clothing materials like fur are being targeted by the ignorant. Let there be no doubt, silk, leather and wool will be next on their twisted To-Do list. Hardly surprising that people, mostly men, who like fur and who like wearing fur (and perhaps enjoy it as a fetish as well), should be a little shy about wearing it in public. I have shared that apprehension. Lockdown, however, has been liberating. I have worn various furs outdoors over the winter and it has been so amazing. Hitherto, I had confined my outdoor fur apparel to fur gilets and hats in daylight and jackets and coats at night. This winter, I have transitioned to wearing my full length mink coat in daylight, out with my wife and chatting to neighbours. Yes, I've had the odd sideways glance, several admiring looks but never an insult. I will have been seen pottering about in my garage in my old coyote jacket or stargazing in a camping chair wrapped up in ankle length beaver (this is a coat, not what you perverts were thinking!!). However, maybe you are partially correct; as I have worn my furs more outside, my enthuasism for the fetishistic aspect of fur has been given a real boost as well. It’s no secret that I enjoy the wonderful combination of furs and bondage - liberating in an entirely different way. That wasn't the main point of this post but I am very happy to enlarge on the latter and engage with any like-minded or curious fellow furlovers in the more appropriate 18+ Forum. In summary, be brave, be bold and always wear your furs with pride as well as pleasure. Stay safe everyone, and do wrap up warm... Rick aka fur slave
  3. siberianfurlover

    Hooded polar wolf coat

    Polar wolf fur coat with the fox fur inside the hood. Excellent condition, was worn just one time. Size is between M and L (would add exact measurements later today in the comments). Price is about 1100 usd (incl. shipping from Russia). Payments via paypal. if you're interested, message me here, dm me @ instagram (the same nickname as here) or via email [email protected] edit: dunno how to hide photos under the spoiler
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