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Found 3 results

  1. I am your housekeeper, and I just texted you this: "master and/or mistress, you are coming home soon, and I imagine you would like a nice and arranged bed of your furs for you to sleep in tonight. How would you like that arranged?" (Be sure to mention types of furs, sizes and how you would like them arranged. Money, time, and weather are irrelevant. Use your imagination. If you want a slave or yourself to be bound in the bed, add that. Your limit is your imagination.)
  2. Disastress

    Fur parka

    Hello everyone. Please share your opinions on this parka I found and should I buy it. What are your opinions on fur lined parkas for men? Is it feminine, because actually I want even more fur, on the sleeves, collar etc. Thank you
  3. Hugo Batman

    Skins of wild animals from Ukraine

    Hello everybody 😊 Offer a lot of skins foxes and others animals. All animals were wild, so the size of the skins is not large. Fox from ears to tail 20 X 60 cm. There are also skins racoon, beaver, otter and silver foxes. Silver foxes 3 pieces 65 cm.
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