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  1. Like most fetishes, my fur rug fetish began at a very early age of around 4 or 5. And like most kids, I was told that shoes are dirty, that shoes should never go on the bed or the furniture, and that you should never, ever, touch the bottom of your shoes. Then one day at a store, I saw a very nice large fur rug on the floor - it might have been made from fox pelts stitched together as I remember it having many tails extending out. I dared not step on the fur rug as it seemed so soft and clean like a bed while shoes are dirty...UNTIL I saw pretty young female store employee walk right on the fur rug with her shoes on like it was nothing, taking her shoes off and leaving it on the fur rug only to stand on a sofa to reach an upper shelf. Contemplating on how is that our shoes being so dirty, we can step on a fur that seemed so clean and yet, we have to take our shoes off before standing on the sofa. It was at that moment, I developed a fur rug fetish. Afterwards, I proceeded to walk on the fur rug (with my shoes on, of course). I wanted to put my shoes on the sofa but I didn't want to get into trouble, and so I resisted the urge (to step on a sofa or bed with shoes on) to this day which is actually part of the fur rug fetish. Fast forward to 10 years later, I was around 15. One day, I visited a second hand furniture store where I saw a huge black-tailed deer skin rug on the floor beside a bed. Also in the store, was a group of 4 young pretty girls around my age or maybe a little older (no more than 2 years older at most). One of the girls lied down on the bed with her Ugg boots on, and a store employee screamed at her. She said sorry and took her Uggs off, leaving them on the deer skin rug before putting her socked feet back on the bed. Then, another one of her friends joined her, taking her sparkly sneakers off and also leaving them on the fur rug before sitting cross legged on the bed. I returned to the store about a week later when it was not as busy. Watching a young employee walk over that same rug several times in her high heels - that very same rug on which a couple of girls left their shoes to climb on a bed the previous week - I asked if I could buy the rug. The employee proceeded to ask the manager, who came out to inform me that the black-tailed deer skin rug currently on the floor, which was over a hundred years old, was part of their display props and is therefore not for sale. I was disappointed at first but five minutes later, the store manager had changed his mind and for $80, sold me what would be my FIRST FUR RUG! After purchasing the fur rug, I hurried home feeling rather impatient, carrying the deer skin in a bag on the subway. At I returned home, I headed straight to my room to lay the rug on the floor beside my bed. As I pulled the fur rug out of the bag, I discoved a bonus: a permanent muddy Ugg boot print on the back side! I doubt it was from the girl in the Uggs the previous week though. Another several years later in my 20's, while furniture shopping with a friend, I felt like I was reliving all over again the moment I developed a fur fetish, while in the beds/bedroom section. On a few of the beds, were quad sheepskin rugs at the foot-end of mattresses where there were placards with shoe symbols indicating to customers that they can keep their shoes on. On beds without sheepskin rugs, sheepskin rugs were on the floor beside the beds (in one case, an alpaca rug); in this case, placards were on beds telling customers to remove their shoes before trying the mattresses. As the store was busy, I was unable to find someone to talk to and ask if I can buy one of the sheepskins on the floor. Even so, my collection of fur rugs now include two sheepskin rugs, four alpaca rugs, one goatskin, two kangaroo pelts, one reindeer hide rug, one cowhide rug, one rabbit fur rug, and of course, my first fur rug - a black tailed deer skin rug. And my collection continues to grow as I might be adding a zebra skin rug in a few weeks. If you have similar stories you'd like to share, I am interested in hearing about it.
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