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Would anyone else love to see movie or tv show episode with this plot line regarding fur


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Okay one thing that I would like to see is a movie or tv show episode that centers around this. A woman who wants a full length Fox fur coat. Okay how the movie or episode would go is that there is a woman who lives in some city or suburban neighborhood and everyone around her either is constantly getting a full length Fox fur coat or lynx, or coyote or raccoon fur coat. And she is always super jealous of all of the women wearing full length Fox fur coats, like she always stares at them and asks about them. I mean she constantly looks at newspaper clippings of advertisements of women wearing full length Fox fur coats (I am imaging that this is set in the 1980s before internet and back when full length Fox fur coats were popular.) Either way she always has to see her friends wearing full length Fox fur coats and then someone like her sister gets one and that makes her super jealous. She even goes to like fancy events like office/charity functions, operas, symphony’s, theater shows, art galleries etc where she is the only woman not wearing a full length Fox fur coat and then towards the end of the movie or the episode some guy either gives her a huge and thick full length golden island Fox fur coat or she saves up enough money and gets one on her own and then she shows it off to everyone and they become jealous of her full length Fox fur coat. I would give anything to see a tv show episode or a movie centered around that plot. 

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This movie DOES Not portray the scenario that you are fantasying. However, I think you may enjoy it.

A sleazy, desperate fur trader haunts a local strip club, gets his hands on some priceless raccoon furs... which might be more than just priceless but "cursed".  

What if the tables were turned and people "were not" at the top of the food chain; but animals were? Animals that live by devouring people for their own survival and then turned human flesh into leather. Using a human's skin for their own sexual pleasures and other extravagances, such as: clothing, bedding, wall hangings, rugs, etc.?  

Director Dario Argento Writers Mick Garris

Matt Venne(teleplay) 

F. Paul Wilson(short story)

Stars Meat Loaf

Link Baker Emilio Salituro

See the source image

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