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More troubles- Labour MP wants to ban the trading of Fur in the UK.


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that's all they are capable of nowadays, picking on weak targets... that's why they got well and truly trounced at the last elections and will next time too.

would have been hilarious too see how they would have handled covid and Brexit. 

I have done and always will support the fur trade, we all need to do so if it isn't going to bullied out of existence. 

what needs to be stopped is the practice of paying these so called "activists" a percentage of the money they raise for their cause. there professional activists now, and join as many protests as possible to collect more money which they don't declare.. effectively, charities are getting away with paying cash in hand to rent a mob parasites scamming the system. these lowlife scumbags have no interest in any of the aims of the charities they collect for. chuggers they call them.. as long as it funds their grotty lifestyle. IF the DSS turned up at one of their protests they'd soon scatter!

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They got royally trounced because people are incapable of thinking about other people. The Govt has been pathetic over the last 10 years, Brexit is a disaster (food shortages, labour shortages, fuel shortages and panic buying, Northern Ireland, customs issues......) and in almost every way, has proven those who said it WOULD be a disaster, right. 

The idea that Labour would do worse is impossible because you can't do worse than rock bottom. 

The Tory govt are an absolute joke and that's undeniable to anyone with sense tbh. 

Sorry, I know this isn't about fur, but if you're gonna bring politics into this, someone needs to make a point. 

I disagree with banning fur, regardless of who says it. I've got my personal reasons that I'll admit are very selfish, but I also just think there's better ways of dealing with it, and I disagree with Labour on this. Yes, if it was the sole issue Labour were running on, I'd probably not vote for them, but there's a bigger world out there and there's more pressing issues that must be dealt with. The fact is, for 13 years, the country was doing fine, it was conservative policy in the US that caused the financial crash and it was, yes, a huge mistake by Blair in Iraq that hurt him at home, but that's largely it. The country was prosperous, respected, healthy, well managed, well run, financially stable and strong.

I have no doubt that that can happen again, and if it takes sacrificing fur to make this country a decent place to live again, instead of one run by bigots, idiots and self-centred rich businessmen who just want to help themselves and their mates whilst making us all turn on each other, then I'm willing to sacrifice it. 

I'd recommend you learn more about how people are actually living, day to day and how negatively govt policy has affected people, so often, because the idea that this govt is anywhere close to competent is ridiculous.

Plus, this isn't even a weak target. 

The animal rights people, as much as I hate to admit it, have a point. The way we treat animals is like disposable items for our pleasure and use, it's not a lie. My argument however is, that is partially how nature works. I think we should be funding initiatives to modernise the fur industry, internationally. To create an industry that is as eco friendly as possible, as humane as possible and that gives back to nature that which it takes. 

I think that's possible with govt funding and a govt initiative with animal rights campaigners and fur farmers and industry leaders sitting together and compromising. Fur is being worn and accepted more and more these days. 

I see fox fur jackets all the time, (the modern kind, not the old 50s/60s/70s/80s/90s kinds), I see Monclers almost every day, Canada Goose on people working minimum wage in retail in the locker rooms. Woolrich. Used to see Holland Cooper (think that's the name) as well. Fur trims are cool, fur jackets are cute and fashionable. There's clearly a market for it and less stigma amongst the younger generations. 

We need to work out the best way of maximising what could be a lucrative industry in terms of trade and taxes, whilst making sure it fits with modern ideals of eco-friendly sustainability and business practices and humane treatment of animals. 

If the UK and US had functional fur farming industries with  proper regulation and scrutiny then we wouldn't be relying on Russia and China etc and would have high quality humane fur. 

That's my view on it, to work to create an industry that moves towards the future and isn't stuck in the past. 

That's how I'd rather Labour look at it, but they don't. I'm unhappy but ok with that and I'd rather vote in Labour to see a fur ban than I would to see yet another decade of the govt that's been in power for the last decade and still this country is in a complete mess, and yet it's never the govt's fault. 

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