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Selling of the last of my items with significant discounts


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Hey all. So I have a few items left for sale that I’ve been trying to push on eBay but no one seems interested or no one cares beyond saving the item into their favorites without bothering to snag it for themselves. So this is my last ditch attempt to sell these items here otherwise they’re going to a resale shop for a lump sum and that’s the end of it.

here’s what I got 

1 unisex blue fox tote bag with cross body strap 12” x 17” $300

1 unisex silver fox tote bag with cross body strap and Pom Pom   12”x 17” $325

1 blue fox hand muff with cross body strap 16” x 20” $450

1 white shadow fox fur hand muff with cross body strap 16” x 20” $450

one blue fox fur coat men’s 5xl $4,600

im also thinking about selling my white fox coat. I bought this at a time when my eight was nearly 300 lbs but I’ve since lost nearly 70 lbs since then and now this coat is too big and too heavy for me. However if I sell this, I’d like to buy a new white fox with the money so I’m pricing it at $4800 because that is what my furrier would charge for a new custom made white fox in my size for the amount of skins she would need. Also keep in mind that this fox is around two sizes bigger than the blue fox and is made from 30 skins so it’s heavy. Only recommended for the big and tall plus sized gentleman. Also please note that I will be sending it out to my furrier for cleaning, glazing and reconditioning so any stains or skin oils will be removed and does not impact the original cost. Please DM me if you have any questions about the items 










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2 hours ago, LustForFur said:

As nice as those coats are, they probably shouldn't be priced as if they're brand new. Furs devalue pretty much the same as cars. 

As stated in the in my original post, these furs were custom made and use far more skins than the average fur that is sold off the rack. the blue fox is a 5xl made with 25+ skins and the white fox  is a 7xl that was produced with over 30 skins. Also as I said when it comes to the white fox, my intent is to buy another white fox with the funds that earn from this sale and I don’t want to put that new order on layaway. So I need to earn enough to purchase that fur in one easy payment and take it home once it’s completed. I’ve been burned enough with layaway orders in the past and I have no intention of going through that again so I have to sell off my inventory at prices that allow me to afford my new acquisitions. I also don’t have the luxury of being able to sell off dozens and dozens of pieces. I own three coats (two of which are up for sale) and mostly small dollar accessories. I also don’t have a job right now due to a medical deferral. So it’s this or nothing

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Your personal financial situation should in no way determine the price of your coats. If anything it should motivate you to sell them at a lower cost in order to move them quicker. Custom made items also have a lower value for resale because they are made specifically for the person who ordered them. There are very few people whom those coats will fit perfectly on.

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sorry but I have no incentive to sell these at a lower dollar amount. As I said, it’s these items or nothing. I have no job, the only way I can buy another fur is to pay it off in full. I understand that most of the people here are looking for a bargain. And I know that furs do depreciate.  But put yourself in my shoes for a second, I am only in possession of a handful of high dollar items and I have to not only sell these coats for as much as I can in order to buy the things that I want, but also the things I need. (Condo assessments, groceries, internet and cable, taxes.. the list goes on) I just went through this crap with other members here on this board and I have lowered the cost significantly on the blue fox since then and I’m still getting crap from the lot of you. This is the only form of income I have and you guys are trying to leave me damn near penniless all because you want a fur for dirt cheap! 

if you can’t afford a coat that’s too rich for your blood then screw off and look elsewhere!

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