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Pintrest Fur hottie - 20 Pics xHamster 


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I’m looking for a woman, no idea of her name, however, I’ve got one photo from Google. It’s a gallery within xHamster that consists of twenty images, I’ve got one of them so that eliminates it to nineteen. Is there the possibility that one of you folks in the den has archived these images from this particular xHamster gallery? One final thing, yes I’m aware that Pinterest is spelt incorrectly, although, I’m just going by the source, thank you.



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I have 32 images - they are tagged with Farrah ... I don't know if that's the right name: It's an AI algorithm that sorts and tags them. Yes, she is really beautiful. What do you care about the name ... you'll probably never get to know her. 😉

































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Thank you very much for the pictures. A couple of years ago, I think around 2020, a guy named "nerz2001" opened an account on P*rnH*b and uploaded pictures and short videos of her doing naughty stuff in her furs. I even once had a short chat with them. A very nice couple. Out of respect I did not save any of those videos or pictures. All of a sudden the account was emptied (I think it was another victim of the infamous "PH-Purge") and no pictures neither videos could be found until this day. Well, needles to say that I deeply regret my decision "bound-in-honour"... 🙂 So I am too, looking and searching the web for more stuff... and there is definitly more.


And I think her name was not Farrah, but Joane or something.. I will find out... anyway, thanks for the pictures, I really love them.


Thank you.

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