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My First Real Fur


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I'm not usually the one who posts a lot in the forum, but recently I made my first purchase of a real piece of blue fox fur.

I bought it from http://www.mailonfurs.com starting december. It came about 4 days after I ordered it which I found was amazing service. Needles to say I was very excited when I saw the package in front of my flat door since it would be the first time I got to touch a real blue fox fur.


Well, I unpacked it and was simply stunned by the beauty of seeing it for real, not just through the monitor. Then I took it out and as soon as I touched it, a shiver went through my body, I couldn't help but brush it on my face and smell it. I was so excited. But you can probably tell.


I like to wear it when I'm at home watching a movie or sitting on the computer, keeps me warm and feels amazing.

I felt like sharing this with you, so here you go!

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.







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Cyclobasti: You blue fox is GORGEOUS! I remember the first time I touched blue fox. I went to a store that had a blue fox blanket which was folded in on itself. I slid my arm into the fold for it to be engulfed in fur. It literally took my breath away. You made a great purchase and as Neo said it won't be your last! CONGRATS!

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