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Short Tale of a raccoon coat


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Norwegian lynx

The first comment is always great to receive! Happy you got that.


On the second comment, I have actually observed that my one friend, who is very quick to joke about and point out furs as a funny/strange thing, is very quick to sneak a touch, or get an excuse to pick up and hand me my fur lined coat.


People with a secret affection to something, that they feel like society would condemn, is often quick to launch a "defense" if they think people have exposed their secret.

Just like the most vocal anti-gay advocates, turn out to be gay themselves.


In conclusion, fuck that second person and their insecurities, and keep wearing your fur with pride and joy!

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So i went to the local mall and left my coat in the car and was also wearing my lynx scarf.

I walked into a store and a sales assistant look at my scarf and says " oh is that real fur" i said yes and she says "what kind of fur is it fox or coyote" and i say Lynx. She says "oh can i feel it. So she feels my scarf and she says thanks.

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Talking of being mistaken for a woman, my wife and I were walking up a shopping street in our city when an old woman with a toddler. The toddler dropped a toy with lots of bits which the old woman was never going to retrieve in any realistic time frame.  My wife and I stopped to help pick up what seemed like a huge amount of small parts whereupon the lady said to the child, 'You must say thank you to these two nice ladies for helping us'.  I don't think she saw me properly or may have had impaired eye sight. I smiled sweetly and carried on! 

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