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Hi everyone,

good to see that the furden is still online.
I have a collection with pics I photoshopped in the last years that I want to share with you. Maybe some of you like them (if you like dominant women in furs). Some are new pics, some old ones with captions, some are fine, others just experiments...
The gallery here had just one directory and my pics are saved in different directories. I don't want to mix them up and the collection is too big for single uploading, so I uploaded it as an archive at mega.nz and if you like you can download it from there (400MB):


The password for the archive is furdreamer

Hope, you find some pics you like.
If someone likes it and wants to upload pics here or elsewhere - it's ok for me.

Have fun!

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Perhaps you could post just a few samples here so we know if this is to individual taste? Thank you.

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