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off grid wood cabins

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any one live in off grid wood cabins with your furs??

its always beeb a dream of mine to have my own private cabin in the woods

away from society to an extent.... Two bedrooms maybe three max with some

sort of stone fireplace or brick fireplace..........

this is just dreams for my self and hopefully one day it will become reality....

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Keep chasing your dreams. That sounds like a good one. Living off the grid can take some real setup and work. If you don't have a regular job to go to, then it's probably feasible. Unless you have a pile of money, your likely to get tired cutting firewood though. Still, its a good kind of tired. 

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While not off grid, I live remotely in a log cabin on a lake. Cabins are hard to keep warm, so I always have one of my furs at the ready. I love hanging by the fireplace in my mink coat! aaaaah :)

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