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What's everyone's view on today's Pornhub content purge?


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What's people's reactions to the Pornhub purge? 

If you didn't know, they've banned non-verified users from uploading or downloading and just today, removed all unverified content to "moderate" it.

They've done this because of numerous complaints recently about child porn and child trafficking and how the site handles both. Mastercard and Visa both walked away from the site in response to these allegations and reports. 

Whilst I'm more than welcoming attempts to drive these things off the internet, it's horrifying to see so much content being made unavailable. Most of the complaints about PH in regards to this situation are often about their apparent poor moderation tactics, as if it's easy to moderate content. Furthermore, a lot of what we discuss here, we'd never like the whole world knowing about it. The very act of verification in many ways involves proving you are who you say you are and the fetish community can't just come out and act visible. It requires authentication usually by a photo of yourself holding a peice of paper saying "Pornhub.com" or the like. They said they're going to strengthen that, and I dread to think of what else they'll require. 

So much of our content is amateur content, content from obscure sites or vintage content. The mainstream sites don't want to cater to our fetishes, because as far as they're concerned either we probably don't exist to them, or if we do, we're too "immoral" to cater to, or we're too niche. Amatuer content creators know how to cater to niches, and usually they don't do it for the money.

Sure, there's fetish sites out there, but the specialised ones are all paid for. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have to pay for content, per say, but non-fetish people can go on almost any porn site and find porn that works for them, nice and easy, and it's free and it takes minutes. 

It's taken me almost a decade to find quality porn and which sites provide the best content. 

It's also been expensive, to the point where it was becoming unaffordable. 

Pornhub is a lifeline because it has a vast library of content we can use for free. 

How much fetish content is going to be removed? Clips4sale have already banned the term "abused shoes" (one of my favourite fetishes) because it's apparently on a Mastercard and Visa ban list (despite them clearly knowing bugger all about the fetish community). How much is going to be misinterpreted or removed to appease the masses. 

Pornhub helped me discover my fetish, learn about it, and enjoy it in the appropriate manner when I was younger and I didn't have the money or the ability to get access to fetish porn.

I dunno, maybe I'm overreacting, especially as I thankfully download a lot of my content now and have a large off-line collection of my own, but I feel so angry and offended by what they've just done. Not least because it drastically reduces the amount of fetish content there is on the internet, especially good quality fur porn. Some of my favourite videos were on there, and I didn't think until recently to download them because I never thought I'd need to. 

What's more annoying is that I downloaded a load of content a couple of days ago but didn't bother to finish. 


What's everyone else's view on this?

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I was unaware, that this purge was coming, to be honest and I was shocked to see, that most of my favourited videos were gone. As you say, it is a very niche type of content and only a small handful of verified profiles produce this kind of porn on PH.

A sad day for the fur fetish community.

If only Cookie didn't just vanish one day man, fursluts was a good source of content. Chelsea as well as Xratedwife.

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I've seen videos occasionaly taken down, so I actually bought an external hard drive to download videos that I definitely wanted to keep.

It's annoying to lose some good stuff, but luckily, I was able to save a lot of those favorites!

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I used to have a ton of good content under the "Recommended for you" section. Now it's mostly non-fur, non-bondage masturbatory pov vids. Kind of disappointing. I went ahead and deleted my account. I get what they tried to do, but as the saying goes they threw the baby out with the bathwater.

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I had several videos there, same on xtube, all gone...

It goes further, there is an organisation which wants to ban pornography completely. Like the communist times till 1990 ...

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The dumbasses got a warning for too much pedo and rape content, why not moderate that shit in the first place, instead of being lazy and only cash in?

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