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Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack when it comes to furs.


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Sad news for the fur community. Nordstrom and & Nordstrom Rack will stop carrying real fur in their stores and online. 


Nordstrom is teaming up with the Humane Society in a commitment to ban real fur and exotic animal skins in its stores and online — but the change won't take effect until the end of 2021.




Honestly I'm really saddened about this change. Personally with me and real fur and fake fur, it's crazy how horrible faux fur is when it comes to making it. Now that I've moved onto real fur with a silver fox , a coyote, a red rabbit fur vest, and a black fox fur vest, these are definitely worth every penny to have and will last a life time. 


What are your thoughts about this change?

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It's not surprising. I think that most retail companies who carry real fur products are probably thinking about the PR boost that comes with a fur ban. What they lose in fur sales, they might more than make up for by bringing in new customers. If Nordstrom wasn't selling much fur these days, it's a good business practice to do away with it under the guise of becoming "more progressive." 

The fur industry is dying by inches and the International Fur Federation isn't doing a lot to stop it. I don't like it but online retailers and secondhand markets might be the only avenues in the future. I'm glad I picked up a few pieces when the getting was still good.

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