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Macy's Fur Vault


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Hi all! Just wanted to inform everyone in Macy's fur vault fur coats. I went there today to check out their good deals since the fur vault is leaving Macy's, and oh my goodness the amount of furs they have there are so beautiful. I saw a sable fur coat for the first time and with discounts it would be around $900. They got tons of vests, mink furs, etc. I'd really check out your local Macy's to see what kind of deals they got.


Honestly really tempted to go back and get myself a sable!




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You should get that sable! I can't believe it's only $900. Too bad there isn't a Fur Vault in my area. My Maximilian store which is by the same owners closed during COVID and they shut down for good without a sale or any fanfare.

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