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Anyone know of any videos or stories of people going to fur farms to select the animals


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Hi I'm looking for articles and (vlog) videos of guys, ladies, and couples going to fur farms to select the animals to become their fur coats. I've yet to come across any but would love to! I want to see the excitement of especially young couples doing this.

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I don't think it works that way. Unless I'm mistaken, furriers harvest pelts when they are ready, and sell them in lots.

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Here's the main problem:  Animals don't magically turn into fur coats.  It takes time, effort and a lot of expertise to correctly euthanize a mink, skin it, send the pelt to a tannery then to a furrier where it will be sewn it into a coat.

The animal has to be killed the right way so as not to destroy the pelt.  Of course, it has to be done humanely, as well.

The carcass has to be disposed of, properly, according to law.  It should be done in an environmentally friendly way.  (e.g. It should be sent to a rendering plant so that it can be turned into other useful products like food for other animals.)

The pelts have to be properly defleshed, preserved and packaged before they are sent to the tannery.  It takes several days to process them... up to a week or even longer.  That doesn't consider batch processing.  (i.e. Many pelts are put into large batches in order to make it more economical to run the factory.  That means it could take several weeks for a given pelt to go from "raw" to finished state.  The insides of tanneries are dirty, smelly, icky places that are full of some fairly noxious chemicals.  Don't forget, many tanners consider their work to be trade secrets.

Then, we move on to the furrier who sews the pelts into garments.  That could take a long time, as well and they often want to preserve their trade secrets, too.

Getting access to all of these places and getting permission to record video would be a pretty big undertaking, even before you charged up the cameras and hauled out all your gear.

I'm not saying that this wouldn't be possible but I think it would be more of an undertaking that your average YouTuber would be willing to assume.  It would have to be an established filmmaker...probably a documentarian...and they would probably need to see some kind of a return on their investment.  Maybe not money, per se, but at least some kind of recognition.

However, this does not preclude you from calling a fur farm and asking for permission to visit.

If you call the right people and ask nicely enough, there's no reason why you couldn't find somebody to give you a tour!  :)

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In Holland it was possible to visit fur farms in the past. The farmers organised excursions for promotion. So I visited several farms. For about 6 years ago I have bought 50 mink pelts at a farm.

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I've just been looking at http://fischelis.com where they steps of ordering a fur garment is described.  It would seem the customer is given the opportunity of choosing the skins that'll be used in creating the fur. 

Not quite the same as going to the fur farm but a step towards a greater sense of involvement.  

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