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did people wear fur alot like they seem to have done in the 1980s

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I live in the UK and you see furs around sometimes. Especially on Oxford Street, usually it's those modern dyed fox fur jackets. Nothing like the beautiful quality and range there used to be in the 80s. 

I do think fur is slowly coming back though, you can see it on Monclers and Canada Gooses. Plus there's even brands now that sell what would normally be a cheap puffer jacket, with racoon strips on the hood for like, £200 instead of the thousands that Monclers can go for. 

I think part of it is that it's becoming a bit more sustainable, because every industry has no choice but to move towards an eco-friendly way of working. It's a shame though overall, because animal rights campaigners keep complaining about us getting furs from China and Russia where maybe the animals aren't treated properly, and whilst that's a fair criticism, it's because of the fur farming bans in the UK, the US etc that people have had to look elsewhere. I think with modern regulation and a massive investment in fur farming and fur making becoming eco-friendly and sustainable (including in the factories and generally the places furs are made)....that fur could be a general thing again.

My view on it is that I'm against animal cruelty, but I see humans as being animals, part of nature and just a more evolved species. Nature is there for all animals to use. Nature doesn't care about our feelings or any other animal's feelings. A lion will eat a human, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods etc all happen regardless of human situations and if there was an animal in the wild that skinned another animal to keep warm, we'd have 0 problem with it because we'd just say "ahhh well, they're just animals". Except we are too. I look at it as that we shouldn't necessarily treat ourselves as that different from animals when it suits us. We're still part of the natural order. We're omnivores by birth, not herbivores, so why go against how we've evolved to be? 

Using animal products is natural. I fully understand the arguments that using it for pleasure isn't the same as needing to wear a fur coat, that's a fair argument, but my counter argument is that if for every animal we killed for a fur coat or garment, nature replaced, would they have a problem with it? 

I think the anti-fur argument stems less from sustainability and people wearing it for want rather than need, but simply because they are just more empathetic to animals than most people are. 

Thats it. 

What they're DOING is forcing their opinions upon other people, and their views upon other people, by trying to alter society to fit this worldview. 

Forcing businesses to change their practices by protest and creating boycotts, means people that like fur, or people like us, with fetishes that, in a way, kinda need it for sexual pleasure because of how we're born, are being disregarded and our opinions on the issue ignored because of what actually is a small subset of people. 

They have the ability to just not go in to Canada Goose. It's not the same as black people who were and still are oppressed. It's not the same as the LGBT+ community who were and still are oppressed. Women, people with disabilities, religious minorities. 

Those people protesting don't have a choice to not be involved in what offends them, it's something that actively affects their way of life (violence, threats, lack of job interviews, lack of promotions, lack of representation etc etc etc). 

Fur doesn't affect the lives of anti-fur people, other than they just have to see it. I get that that's urksome, but with all due respect to anyone on this forum, I have to see Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Tories/small c conservatives on my television, mobile phone, social media accounts and just generally, everywhere, everyday and I very much dislike them. I'm not overly bugged I have to see them, yes I'm bugged they exist and their politics and ideology is offensive to me, but I accept that this is how the world is and try to change what negatively affects people. 

It's not the same for people that just like animals a bit more than most people.

So....I think it's coming back and that's a good thing, but we've got a long way to go to get people out of the mindset that wearing fur is a bad thing on a larger scale, because it's still hitting more towards emotions, empathy and feelings than the logic or lack thereof of the argument is hitting. 

In my opinion.

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