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I was expecting Essex girl and the whole Barbara Windsor thing.

Such a warm and seductive personality. Indeed if fur had a voice she would be it. So much personality. Should be available on the NHS


Endorphin rush or what.

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I really like the channel and, as expected, Miss Larissa does come over as a lovely lady, but I just wish they wouldn't use video effects all the time. They're too distracting.

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Larissa's videos are always a pleasure to watch! ☺️ She's got a beautiful voice to go with the beautiful furs she shows off. 😉  My favorite pairing is the pink fur coat and fur hat she has ❤️

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Norwegian lynx
On 2/24/2021 at 2:31 AM, minkme said:

making snow angels wearing a fox coat?  I hope it does not damage it


Cold, dry snow is one of the best things for your fur! In fact, thats the traditional way of cleaning your furs or other heavy fabrics that you cant wash. Well, not exactly making snow angels, but by pushing them down in the dry snow, and leaving them there for an hours time or longer.

We had a long, cold period this winter, following snowfall, so my garden was covered in dry, powdered snow, and I took the chance to ceal out alot of my furs and jackets then. The coyote fur throw, that had built up a "musky" scent over the year, came back in the house completely revitalized and completely odourless. Still smells of nothing but clean fur now, a month later.

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