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Anyone from the UK?


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Unfortunately, I have only been in the UK during late spring, so fur was not really an option for outdeoors, but I have heard horror stories about the PC folks really attacking anyone for wearing furs. How bad is it really?

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Honestly, lynxette, I've heard the horror stories too but, in my experience, I've not encountered anyone whose ever had a problem. (*) I've been around the UK with my wife while she's worn fur and there's never been any problem. In fact, it's more likely that people will compliment her on her furs. (Mind you, if they tried anything they'd either get told where to go or, if necessary, be given a good hard punch in the mouth!)


I think the militant anti-fur people have largely died down which may be due to folk having more important things to worry about.


(*). Actually, I once saw an American woman wearing the most sumptuous ankle length mink coat in a department store. I told her how much I admired her coat and she told me I'd made her day since two young male university students had confronted her about it. "I told them to fuck off and grow up before passing judgement on someone else's values"' she told me over a coffee!

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Good to hear. That is the same in North America, that the rumours of past problems remain persistent. Good to hear you would stand up and protect your lady, as a gentleman should.

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Hello Fellow Fur Fans


I am new here and a fellow fan suggested I post about a Fur Evening I’m organising next week in Gloucestershire.


I do hope this is the appropriate place for it - Admins - please let me know if not.



Don your Favourite Fur and escape into a unique and magical setting where you can sip cocktails or a glass of fizz with elegant and like minded Fur Lovers in a relaxed, safe and comfortable setting...


Hello Fellow Fur Fans


I have booked a private venue for Monday 19th of November near cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

This is a unique opportunity to wear your most glamorous furs in a beautiful and private setting with like minded people.


Cocktails or Prosecco and elegant canapés will be served on arrival.

Cash bar thereafter


If you love furs but don’t possess a piece of your own, some will be available for hire on the night, so plan to arrive a little earlier so we can get you kitted out.


Tickets are invitation only, £45 plus booking fee


If the time and place suit you, please put a note below and pm me for the full details and the eventbrite link.


Luxury bedrooms are available at a special rate of £120 including a full Cotswold Breakfast if you wish to stay over and make a night of it.




Do drop me a message below if you are planning to attend....

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I will be visiting Oxford and London next week (November 11-18)

Interested in finding fur in the UK for certain!

Winter Racing at Cheltenham on the 16th, 17th and 18th.

Lots of furs there and a great supplier if you're looking for new pieces

I have a Fur Event in Cheltenham on the 19th (Monday)


I am new to this site and haven't really got the hang of it, so let me know if you want to get in contact.

Mistress Adalia

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