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Seeking other FUR men

fur MAN plus


fur MAN plus seeks responses from other fur MEN.  Would like to hear stories  about how they became attracted to FUR and its  possibilities for pleasure.  At age 61, this FUR man has been enjoying the pleasure of fur since age 12.  Discovered old muskrat coat in attic and was excited by its touch, the sensation of stroking it, looking at how the guard hairs stood up to caress whatever moved them.  Am certain that other guys have similar stories to share.  Where are you, FUR men?  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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For me it started when I was 12. My mom used to have a coyote fur coat that was passed down from my grandma. My mom never wore it. It’s funny because I grew up in Northern Ontario. We used to get a ton of snow and it was bitterly cold in the winter. My mom used to go out of town a lot. I would take the coat, get naked, put the coat on and I would masterbate while rubbing the the collar of the coat on my naked skin. It felt so good. I would also finger myself picturing myself getting fucked in that coat. I used to be a big NTC Web user & also the FurFashion Guide. I used to love all the galleries & stories on FFG. 

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My erotic obsession with fur began in the crib....literally....when a babysitter tickled me with her furs.  That was more than 65 years ago, and I STILL cannot get enough fur.  I happen to be gay, but choosing between men and fur means fur would win.  But I wish it didn't ever come to that.  I have had some wonderful, if fleeting, experiences with furs and men together.  I continue to crave more as my inhibitions are finally fading.  FUR is to be celebrated!

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Wonderful to hear from you.  Fur fantasies, as we know, are so much a part of who we are.  And making those fantasies real is an ideal that I hope to achieve (having already experienced a number of magical encounters) in the future.

Have you furs of your own? I am always eager to hear your particular relationship to fur.  Thanks so much for writing.

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Sadly no I do not own any furs. I fantasize about getting fucked in a fur coat a lot tho. I love fur. 

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What great thread. I had my first fur thrill as a young boy when my stepmother used to wear an old mink coat like a dressing gown. She would occasionally come to say goodnight and the touch of the cuffs or the collar as she bent over to say goodnight made me feel very “energised” rather than sleepy. She also had a gorgeous silver fox jacket and when she was away or out and I thought I could get away with it I would sneak into her wardrobe and wear it and imagine all sorts of fantasies. On one occasion she almost caught me playing with it and I had a fantasy about being caught playing with furs for years afterwards. Things really took off after she sadly passed away and her sister (my step aunt??) came to stay and tried the mink coat and silver fox jacket on and she did it with me in the room asking my opinion on how she looked. She had no idea where my mind was at and how aroused I was by the experience, needless to say she looked very glamourpus, sexy and was my first full on fur masturbation image. Even now I like to remember that winter evening. She took them away a few weeks later but not before I lay on the bed draped in both furs touching myself and imagining being with a mature woman in fur. I have gone on to experience fur fun with women and others. Fur is the thing that makes the difference and I love sharing that pleasure. These days I am also happy with a good quality faux fur too. 

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